Winter 2015

Winter 2015

This edition of Outcomes focuses on the theme of “stewardship.” Like the Old Testament prophet Daniel, we find ourselves leading amid an increasingly hostile culture. We can learn from the wisdom, integrity and grace with which Daniel served and excelled within Babylonian culture. Daniel was a faithful steward because of his deep commitment to God. His course was set. He didn’t waver as the pressure to compromise his faith intensified. Let us likewise be faithful stewards in the service of the King of Kings.

In This Issue…

Seeds of Hope

· Interview by Tami Heim
Seed Company’s Samuel E. Chiang on stewarding our moment ...

A New Way to Lead

· Sara Nagelvoort Marlin
My introduction to 
“steward leadership” ...

The Prioritized Life

· Interview with Doug Nuenke
Successful leadership is about saying yes to God’s call. ...

Navigating the Narrow Road

· R. Scott Rodin
Steward leaders in cultural conflict ...

Steward Leaders Pray

· Howard Rich
Following the example of Jesus ...