The Outcomes Community Hub is an exclusive forum where CLA members can connect with other members, explore a deep well of resources, and engage in conversations that inspire Christ-like leadership. The hub allows leaders from all over the world to connect; provides a place to share ideas and resources; and encourages engagement on topics that are timely and relevant.

The Outcomes Community Hub is a pilot program open to CLA members through March 2017.

You must be a CLA member to access the CLA Community Hub.

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The 1:1 Outcomes Mentoring experience provides a pathway for a leader with specific needs to be matched and connected with another leader who has the knowledge and the expertise to meet those needs. Through this experience you can reach beyond the network you know and discover a leader who knows how to listen, mentor, coach, and guide you to a higher level of leadership effectiveness.

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Leader2Leader (L2L) is a peer advisory group experience where leaders have the opportunity to meet monthly in a confidential, non-competive environment. Professionally trained facilitators guide each group and bring out the best thinking from the group’s collective wisdom. These groups provide their participants with great encouragement and accountability to the Christ-centered values that direct your leadership.

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CLA Membership Directory

CLA members share common beliefs, values, and purpose. The CLA membership directory is a great way for you to access and connect with other CLA members. Through the directory, you can easily find ministries, educational institutions, churches, and service providers that may be the key to helping you advance what God has called you to do!

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