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As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17, NIV

CLA presents its most transformational lifelong learning experience, The Outcomes Mentoring Network. Following a pattern found throughout scripture, we know the difference a mentoring relationship makes in the lives of leaders.

The Outcomes Mentoring Network provides a pathway for a leader with specific needs to be matched and connected with another leader who has the knowledge and the expertise to meet those needs.

You’re invited to engage in this high-impact experience. Take the next step to learn more. Simply choose your desired role.



Mentoring a younger or even an older leader builds for the future. For me, there is incredible pleasure in passing on (when asked) some of what I have learned in leadership over the years. When there is structure and intentionality the benefits flow both ways. The most productive are the mentoring relationships that go on for a set time on a regular basis. As older and more experienced leaders we have both the privilege and obligation to help succeeding generations – not expecting to tell them what to do, but rather to let them pick and choose from our experience.
Jerry White, President & Chairman Emeritus, The Navigators
Where would I be if someone had not mentored me? From Godly parents to my accounting professor to those whom I worked for and with throughout my career, I have been the recipient of a lifetime of mentoring. Undoubtedly, I was a slow learner at times and some of the mentoring experiences were more fun than others. Still—my mind often and fondly retraces my steps that were strongly impacted by those who thought I had the potential to grow and make a contribution in life and, more importantly, in God's Kingdom.
Dan Busby, President, ECFA
The mentors in my life have been incredibly instrumental in my spiritual and professional life. They have helped guide me through tough situations and given me insight that I have been able to carry into my life. I have been truly blessed!
Bethany Palmer, President, Envoy Financial

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