Christian Leadership Alliance introduces JOURNITY


When it comes to your website, personalization is no longer optional. That is why Christian Leadership Alliance is pleased to offer its members JOURNITY. Through our special relationship, you now have access to the first personalization platform designed for nonprofits to connect one-to-one with their digital audience. CLA believes making connections is vital to a ministry's success and this new tool enables meaningful ones to happen.

With JOURNITY you can develop lasting relationships with your volunteers, donors and the people you serve. The more engaged users are on your website, the more likely they are to get behind your mission.

When CLA members buy JOURNITY through CLA, part of your purchase will go to support CLA's mission. Buying from CLA also entitles you to:

  • A Customer Relations Liason with JOURNITY
  • On-boarding and start-up services
  • Identify success factors for engaging your users
  • Expert data analysis and understanding of personalization tools
  • Help with interpreting the data and results
  • Best practices for extracting greater value out of the tool

Want to learn more? CLA's JOURNITY representative will follow up with you.

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