How it Works

1. Make the commitment

It all begins by making the commitment and registering for a six-month experience that focuses just on you!

CLA Members: $99
Non-members: $659

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

2. You Assess Your Needs

Complete the simple online assessment that helps you clearly articulate your needs and growth objectives. After submitting, a CLA Relationships Administrator will contact you for an exploratory interview. This is an essential ingredient in our formula for successful engagements.

3. CLA Finds Your Match

Through your personal assessment, the one-on-one interviews and a multi-factor matching system, CLA identifies the right mentor for you within its expert community of Christ-centered leaders.

You could be connected with one of three potential types of mentors:

  • The Wise Guide: A leader with specific knowledge, expertise, and insights shaped and tested by years of leadership experiences.
  • The Side Guide: A leader who may lead in a peer position, but has acquired specific skills and knowledge in the areas where you need growth.
  • The Surprise Guide: A leader with experience that may seem far afield from the challenges you face, but who possesses wisdom that will challenge you in ways you never could have expected.

4. CLA Secures Your Connection

A CLA Relationships Administrator will set up your first meeting and provide ongoing guidance and encouragement through your six-month engagement. This administrator is the neutral party you can talk to if you encounter any unexpected challenges.

5. You Cultivate the Relationship

We encourage you to take initiative in scheduling your meetings and setting agendas within the mutually agreed parameters. Following the proven model and using the tools we offer ensures you stay on track to meet you goals and maximize the overall engagement.

6. CLA Monitors Your Progress

We want to make sure things are going well. Throughout the engagement, CLA will prompt you with quick feedback surveys. These surveys help us monitor your progress and ensure you are accomplishing your objectives.

7. You Accomplish Your Objectives

We work with you to ensure you are receiving the guidance you need to meet

CLA Guarantees Your Satisfaction

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