Monthly Topic: Reposition - ReTool - Re-Thinking Your Life

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Location: New Life Church, 11025 Voyager Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO  80921

Speaker:  Stephen Smith


The New Year will bring many changes for most of us and some of us need to make changes.  Stephen W. Smith will guide us through the liminal spaces of being stuck; desiring a change; dying to change, having to change and making a change.   Choosing the right word is key in how to reposition your life.  Steve is choosing “repositioning” and not retiring and he will tell us why. For a year, Steve has been “repositioning” his own life, organization, marriage, role as a grandfater and more and this talk will be the fruit of his thinking, discernment and prayerful consideration as he works through his own internal struggles as a portal to consider your own.


What internal signals inform someone of a need to change?

What do desires have to do with transitioning to the next place or space?

How does someone begin to exit the 8-lane freeway of life to choose a more simple way to live?

How does one get clarity about when,  how and what to change in one’s life and work?


These are the questions Smith will explore at the CLA Luncheon!


Stephen W. Smith is the President and Spiritual Director of Potter’s Inn—a non-profit which cares for the souls of leaders in the market place and ministry. Steve is an international speaker on the themes of soul care for busy leaders. Potter’s Inn does three things: provide soul care, resource soul care, teach soul care and provide a retreat for soul care in Divide, CO.  Smith is the author of several books. The Lazarus Life  (Cook: 2008) is his best seller, now translated in multiple languages and Inside Job (IVP 2015). The Smith’s pioneered and founded Potter’s Inn and launched the new Soul Care Institute, a two year training initiative for leaders to learn how to care for their soul and create an ethos of care in the work environment and church. Smith is the father of twos sons. Majors in the US Army, a son who is a business entrepreneur in Denver and a son who is a PGA professional in Colorado Springs. Steve is married to Gwen since 1980 and they share 9 grandchildren. is the website and Steve and Gwen blog at www.