The Role of Money in Your Organization

Content Contributor: Mark L. Vincent, Ph.D., CCNL, CEO/Senior Design Partner, Design Group International

Facilitator: Mark L. Vincent, Ph.D., CCNL, Founder, Design Group International

Category: Executive Leadership

Last Day to Register: June 12, 2017

Module Start Date: June 19, 2017

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying the place of a leader’s own financial well-being in relation to their organization
  • Increasing one’s ability to manage from income rather than expense
  • Increasing one’s ability to manage from the economy of time rather than money alone
  • Improving one’s ability to lead teams in economic decision making
  • Strengthening public communication where money is involved

Module Overview

This module prepares executive leaders to navigate the role of money in organizational life. Typically, executive leaders have extensive background in finance, or none at all. Those with none tend to avoid money responsibility, hoping others carry the day. Those with financial backgrounds often see numbers alone, failing to understand the intersection of human capital and economic behavior. This module helps navigate the bridge between numbers and people. We will focus on the place of money in decision making, the relationship between time and money, and how to communicate well when money is involved. We will also explore how to lead teams in making wise economic decisions, and how a leader’s personal money life impacts how they lead an organization.

Requirements for Receiving Credit

Credit for the module will be determined on the following criteria:

  1. Successful completion and submission of five Reflection assignments demonstrating that the participant has read required resources and reviewed the presentation content.
  2. Engage in all the topic forum discussions for all five sessions.

Required Textbooks

The Bible
Social Entrepreneurship, by Peter C. Brinckerhoff, Wiley Publishers, 2000.

Facilitator Bio

Mark L. Vincent, Ph.D., CCNL, Founder, Design Group International

Mark L. Vincent, Ph.D., CCNL, Founder, Design Group International

Mark L. Vincent serves as Founder of Design Group International, a Process Consulting Community of Practice established in 2001 that helps organizations and their leaders discover clarity and implement solutions. Out of a successful career in pastoral ministry, project management and leadership development, Mark assists businesses, nonprofits and ministry organizations, guiding leadership transitions, untying complex organizational knots, and serving as a process chaplain as clients move forward in mission. Mark established a Convene CEO peer-based advising Team in the Milwaukee area and directs the Convene Consulting Network. A noted, cutting-edge thought leader, writer and speaker on the themes of steward leadership and process consulting, Mark mentors executive leaders and organizational development professionals through conversation, process design and co-learning,