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Content Contributor: CLA Advisory Council: Rick Dunham, Shannon Litton, Guy Richards and Wes Willmer

Facilitator: Georgia Joseph, Owner and Founder, Content Strategy Solutions, LLC

Category: CCNL

Last Day to Register: January 8, 2018

Module Start Date: January 15, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of brand development
  • Understand the components of an engaging brand
  • Identify all the channels and methods to connect your brand with your target audience
  • Discover the core ways to inspire donor support
  • Learn the keys to steward lifelong donors

Module Overview

The module is designed to provide the leader of a nonprofit organization an executive-level view of how to create and build an engaging brand, connect that brand with various audiences, and inspire donor support. You will learn to establish your organization’s distinctive brand. You will gain insight on how to pursue a sound approach to technology in your organization’s communications. And you will gain practical, biblically-based, insight on how to build and steward transformative life-long relationships with your organization’s donors. (Two sessions in Resource Development; two sessions in Marketing & Communications; one session in Internet & Technology)

Requirements for Receiving Credit

  1. Successful completion and submission of five Reflection assignments demonstrating that the participant has read required resources and reviewed the presentation content.
  2. Engage in all the topic forum discussions for all five sessions.

Required Textbooks

All required resources will be available form within the module once it begins.

Facilitator Bio

Georgia Joseph, Owner and Founder, Content Strategy Solutions, LLC

Georgia Joseph, Owner and Founder, Content Strategy Solutions, LLC

Georgia Joseph is the founder and owner of Content Strategy Solutions. She served as Director of Content Strategy for Moody Global Ministries and speaks regularly on the topics of content strategy, digital marketing, search engine optimization, strategy for mobile, social media, user experience and more. Prior to joining Moody, Joseph spent five years with digital agency Five Q Communications, serving as Production Director and as Director of Digital Strategy. She also served as Director of Communications for Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI, responsible for "re-architecting their communication for the digital age" and is well acquainted with helping ministries to strengthen their messaging and brand across multiple channels.