The CAFO Academy is the result of great collaboration. The modules are presented for you by Christian Leadership Alliance, powered by Azusa Pacific University College, and sponsored by ECFA.

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The CAFO Academy is a great new way to take the Christian leadership skills of international orphan care leaders to the next level of excellence!

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The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) unites more than 180 respected organizations and a global network of churches. CAFO is focused on seeing the local church in every nation rise as the primary answer to orphans in its midst - through the Global Movements Initiative, National Foster Care Initiative, National Church Ministry Initiative, and more. As regional and national orphan care movements emerge around the world, local Christian leaders require advanced development of leadership skills to serve their movements with excellence.

Each 10-week module is designed to develop essential leadership skills to empower local leaders of emerging orphan care movements worldwide. Students participate in class materials, online discussions and offline reading. At the end of each two-week session, participants complete a written reflection that outlines the key concepts and how to practically apply them.

The CAFO Academy features practical, biblically-based, insights from thought leaders from the frontlines in these fields. Academy faculty has proven expertise in nonprofit leadership, people management, technology and social media, fundraising, marketing and more!

This Academy offers an opportunity to learn alongside other orphan care leaders from around the world, participate in online discussions with leaders and practitioners across many cultures, and learn from top thought leaders without requiring the time and travel expenses of in-person training. CAFO is pleased to offer its members and partners a special rate of $350 per module, a savings of $200 off of full price.

Each CAFO Academy online module offers:

  • Highly experienced facilitators who work directly with participants
  • Ten weeks of learning, approximately one to two hours of course-time per week
  • Flexibility for participants to engage the content and discussion at times of their choosing
  • Each week’s session includes five components:
    • Inspirational Reflection
    • Reading Assignment
    • Downloadable Presentation
    • Online Discussion Community
    • Reflection Paper