Robert Lipps

Robert Lipps


Robert “Bob” Lipps is in private practice with over 30 years professional experience in serving large non-profits on complex legal, financial and risk management matters.

He formerly developed and ran the religious practice group for the largest privately-held insurance brokerage firm, Lockton Insurance Brokers, serving dozens of the nations most respected parachurch organizations.  Prior to Lockton, he served as International CFO and then General Counsel for Wycliffe Bible Translators, where he oversaw budgets in excess of $150M as well as international risk management and legal affairs.

Bob is a board member of SIM and also had the privilege of serving on the ECFA Commission on Accountability, Panel of Religious Experts, advising U.S. Senator Charles Grassley on tax matters.

Bob holds a BS degree in Accounting from Arizona State University and a JD from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law (now Texas A&M University School of Law).  He is an active member of the State Bars in Texas and Florida, a member of the Texas State Board of Public Accountants, and holds insurance and securities licenses.